The great work done by Dinakshi Priyasad for pregnant mothers

Mr. Saranga Disasekara and his wife, who have gained immense popularity in the field of art in Sri Lanka, have now gained a special attention of the people. This is because of some of the recent media reports about them. However, today we saw another special media report about this couple

It is no secret that Saranga and Dinakshi got married last year. So Saranga Dinakshi’s marriage also became a big talk in the society. Many people now know that Dinakshi is preparing for her motherhood. So Dinakshi is also a beautiful artist with many talents as an actress, announcer, dancer and singer

It was a special program organized by Saranga Disasekara with his wife. In fact, all Sri Lankans paid special attention to it. So today we are talking about a special program they organized

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