Samsung to launch Android app for iPhone

You can now experience Android on an iPhone.

Samsung has introduced a new web app that allows iPhone users to enjoy the Samsung One UI Experience. This will give you the opportunity to try out Android Skin on your iPhone in the same way as Samsung’s smartphones.

Introduced by Samsung, the “iTest” Web App allows iPhone users to access the Samsung One UI Experience from their Apple devices. All you have to do is access the iTest website through the Safari Web Browser. This allows you to get an experience similar to that of a Samsung Android device with an iPhone.

Samsung is currently officially promoting its iTest Web Experience in New Zealand, and iPhone users around the world will be able to access the Samsung Android Experience on their iPhone if they wish.

This iTest Web App separates the home screen of your device from the home screen of a Samsung device. This allows you to get the Samsung One UI Experience from your iPhone. The Samsung One UI also supports the Weather widget, the Google Search bar, and a number of Samsung apps such as Phone, Messages, Camera, Settings, Galaxy Store, Gallery, Galaxy Wearable, and Galaxy Themes.

This iTest Web App also provides Call and Text Message facilities.

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