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Here is an exclusive media report on the Beruwala area

The Government of Sri Lanka has taken steps to name a few selected districts in Sri Lanka as risk zones during the past few days. This is due to the

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The example story of a Sri Lankan father who made a special sacrifice to make all his children engineers

Every parent in the world makes exceptional sacrifices for their children. It’s no secret. Parents devote their entire lives to their children. We have seen the example story of a

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Here’s a sensational statement made by veteran actress Mrs Himali Sayurangi to the media

Mrs Himali Sayurangi is a veteran actress who has made a significant difference in the Sri Lankan Tele-drama industry. She started acting several years ago and has gained immense popularity

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Here is the special decision taken by the new government for the children of Sri Lanka

Children’s Reality Programs are special programs launched to introduce the talents of Sri Lankan children to the world. These programs are broadcast in many media outlets in Sri Lanka. It

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Here is the special decision taken by Secretary to the President Mr. Dr. PB Jayasundera

The President has recently taken steps to make significant changes in the public sector of Sri Lanka and from the top government officials. The President has also decided to slash

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Sujith Nishantha Talks About His Wrong Prediction – Special statement

Astrology is one of the most significant and highly sought after by the Sri Lankan public at present. Today there are many Sri Lankan astrologers working with this astrology which

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