The new Unison app introduced by Intel

It is now possible to do file sharing, text massaging, etc., which have been done in connection with the iPhone in Apple MacOS computers for several years, with Intel computers. It is through the application called Unison introduced by Intel company to its computers. The special feature is that this application supports both Android and iOS operating systems.

This Unison application can perform several tasks on Intel Windows computers. This application can handle actions like text messaging, call answering and will be useful for iPhone users who like to send messages through Windows computers.

The most special feature of this application is to provide file sharing facility. According to the developers, Unison provides fast file transfer between phones and computers. Unison facilitates the transfer of not only photos on the phone but any other file.

Josh Newman (Intel’s VP of mobile innovation) says that Unison will be released to select 12th Gen Evo PCs. The app will soon be available on Acer, HP, and Lenovo computers. Newman added that Unison will be upgraded to support 13th Gen Evo systems early next year.

It is unclear how this app will support computers with older hardware, and the app will only be available on a limited number of new Intel computers.

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