Microsoft Office That Changes Branding

After 30 years of its hugely successful “Microsoft Office” brand, Microsoft is preparing to make a different company. The organization is preparing to change Microsoft Office to “Microsoft 365” to mark the development of this software line. Because of this, Office apps like Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint will not change much, but these apps will be named as parts of Microsoft 365 instead of Microsoft Office.

This new brand change has been planned by Microsoft for many years. The company changed the Office 365 service to Microsoft 365 two years ago, but now these changes are going to be implemented more widely. According to an announcement made by Microsoft about this change, in the next few months,, Office mobile apps and Office Windows app will all become Microsoft 365 app, and at the same time, they are preparing to introduce a new look and new features.

If you are using any genuine Office app, it will soon change to Microsoft 365 brand with a new logo. This brand change can be seen first on in November. After that, Windows, iOS, and Android Office apps will all join this brand change in January next year.

Microsoft is not throwing away the Microsoft Office brand all at once. Customers can continue to purchase Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans that can be purchased and used once. However, now Microsoft Office is an old brand owned by the company, which means that all the new services and features that will be released in the future will be available to Microsoft 365 and not to Microsoft Office.

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