Let’s install Mozilla Firefox Web Browser through Microsoft Store

The Mozilla Foundation has now worked to add the Microsoft Store to Windows 11.

Previously, Microsoft did not allow web browsers other than Microsoft Edge to be included in their Store, but Due to the recent relaxation of Microsoft Store policies, 3rd party Web Browsers will be added to the Microsoft Store.

However, Aluthsl feels that it is a good job.
However, although Opera and Firefox Web Browsers are available through the Microsoft Store, Google has not yet included any of its apps including Chrome in the Microsoft Store.

Although the version of Firefox available through the Windows 11 store is the same as the version of Firefox available online, it is reported that not all updates are available through the Microsoft Store.

However, you can still download only its stable version. If you want previews, you have to download and install them online. But we can think that all updates will be received in the morning.

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