Instagram Live stream now via Desktop

Currently, most of the people go to Instagram Live stream through mobile phones
So Instagram has introduced a new feature called Instagram Live Producer.

Through this, creators will be able to live stream to Instagram through the desktop.
So using software like OBS or Streamlabs makes it possible to stream live easily.

Instagram users can start Instagram Live from their smartphones and there was no ability to stream live through desktop until now, but now with this newly introduced tool called Instagram Live Producer, we can live stream on Instagram like on other streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Ability is available.

This new feature allows creators to use additional cameras and additional microphones for their live streams if desired and also has the opportunity to add custom graphics, titles and cards to the stream.

However, the recommended technical requirements for this Instagram Live Producer tool are as follows.

Video format‌

9×16 aspect ratio (recommended and not mandatory)

Resolution: 720 x 1280

Video bitrate range: 2,250-6,000 Kbps

480p @ 30fps, 360p resolution is supported but not recommended by Instagram.

Audio format

Sample rate: 44.1 kHz

Channel layout: Stereo

Bit rate: up to 256 Kbps

To use Instagram Live Producer, go to the website and click on the “Add post” button, then select “Live” from the dropdown menu that appears. Select the audience you want to watch it and click on the “Next” button.

Then you can get your unique URL and stream key which will be given to your streaming software which will enable you to stream through Instagram.

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