Free VPN Facility Provided by Microsoft Edge Browser

It is reported that Microsoft is working to add a free built-in VPN service to the company’s Edge browser as an attempt to improve security and privacy. This service called “Edge Secure Network” is currently powered by Cloudflare servers. This VPN service, which is still operating at the test level, will be released in the future as a security upgrade.

When this service is activated, the web traffic of users of Edge Secure Network is encrypted, so Internet service providers are not able to collect information about what you do on the Internet. Another benefit of this service is that it allows you to hide your real location, thus using a virtual IP address you can change your location and watch certain contents that are blocked in your country.

If you get this service for free, you can use the VPN only in the amount of 1GB data per month. Also, you have to sign in using a Microsoft account for this service. Then you can take care of your usage. Microsoft has stated that Cloudflare will completely remove the data collected while using this service within every 25 hours.

This service is still under development, and it is not even possible to get early testing. After Microsoft releases this VPN service to Microsoft Edge Insider channels, users will be able to connect to those Insider channels and test this service.

Microsoft Edge is not the only browser that provides a VPN service. A free VPN service is already running on the Opera browser. Also, browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox provide VPN services that can be obtained by paying a fee.

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