Signs that a Screen Lock feature will be introduced for the WhatsApp Desktop Version

WhatsApp is a messaging service that is updated by constantly introducing new features to the users these days and Meta company has been working to add several new features to WhatsApp for the past time.

According to reports, Meta is preparing to introduce a screen lock feature for the WhatsApp desktop version as well, and this feature is very similar to the WhatsApp screen lock on your Android or iOS phone.

Through this new screen lock feature, you will be able to enter a password every time you access WhatsApp using the WhatsApp desktop version, which helps keep your WhatsApp chats safe from other people if someone else is using your desktop.

As this screen lock feature for the WhatsApp desktop version is still being tested for beta users, the UI elements here may change slightly in future updates.

Thus, the password you provide for the screen lock will not be synced with your other computers or WhatsApp servers, so if you forget your password, log out of the relevant computer through the WhatsApp mobile app, scan the QR code and log in to your account. You will be able to log in again.

It is also reported that the ability to use Touch ID instead of password for MacBook has also been reported with this.

Since this screen lock feature is already available to WhatsApp desktop beta users, it can be hoped that WhatsApp will work to provide this feature to the stable version soon.

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