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Mohideen Baig (1919 – 1991) was a notable Sri Lankan musician known particularly for his Buddhist devotional music, which enjoy popularity to this day. A Muslim who moved to Sri Lanka from Salem in Tamil Nadu, He was considered as a highly influential multicultural/multi-religious figure in the country’s arts history.

Baig achieved fame with songs such as Buddhang Saranang, Maya, Girihel Mudune, Adara Nadiya Gala, Pem Mal Mala, Wella Simbina Rella, Anna Sudo, Thaniwai Upanne, and Loke Sihinayak Wageya. This popularity led to appearances at distinguished events such as the country’s first Independence Day Ceremony and the 1974 Non-Aligned Summit. In 1956, Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike awarded Baig with a Distinguished Citizenship.

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